Paint Correction Sydney

Paint Correction Sydney

At Jim’s Car Detailing we are proud to be amongst the few car detailing businesses in Sydney that offer a comprehensive mobile paint correction service.

Paint correction is a very complex process and should only be done by skilled car detailing professionals who have received appropriate training like our franchisees.

The process begins with cutting compounds to get rid of minor amounts of the surface paint. The cutting ability of the compound then defines how much paint is removed with each revolution of the polisher. The coarser compounds could make the paint appear cloudy, whereas finer compounds will create a

glossy/polished finish. Regardless which practice you choose for paint correction (hand, rotary or dual action polishing), the basics are always the same. It starts with removing heavy imperfections and then decreasing abrasive materials until the desired paint finish is reached.

Are you not sure if your car does need a paint correction service or not? Call a Jim’s mobile Car Detailing Franchisees today and get professional advice before making a decision.

We are fully mobile and we come to you anywhere in Sydney.