Full Detail Sydney

Full Detail Sydney from $225

The Full Detail service is a formula of every possible thing that we can do to your vehicle in one single bundle. This is definitely your service if you are:

  • Thinking about selling your car
  • Really desperate to have your car look all it can be
  • Just back from a very long road trip that destroyed the looks of your car
  • Somehow concerned that you haven’t washed your car for a while
  • Operating Mum’s taxi service

If you chose a full detail, we will carry out a Mini Detail, an Interior Detail and a Cut & Polish altogether. For more details on what these services include please click on their individual service names or please scroll down to the bottom to see all inclusions bundled together.

The Mini Detail is briefly the clean that returns your car back to life, with a hand car wash & dry, dirt sand and dog hair and grass seeds vacuumed out, with the hard surfaces dressed to look new, and with the glass and tyres shining.

Followed by the Interior Detail service with shampoo for carpets and seats. And don’t worry if you have leather, we will substitute the shampoo service for a leather clean and conditioning treatment.

Finally Cut & Polish is carried out:

  • Stage number 1 is the “cut”
  • Stage number 2 is the “polish”

Please click on the individual cut n polish service to learn more about this service.

If this sounds like what you need then please feel free to call us now for a free no obligation quote within two hours from your call. We come to you anywhere in Sydney.

Our Full Detail Includes:

  • Car wash, wax and chamois dry
  • Vacuum seats, carpets and boot
  • Ashtrays cleaned
  • Windows cleaned inside & out
  • Dashboard cleaned & dressed
  • Interior deodorised
  • Wheels and tyres cleaned & dressed
  • Interior trims cleaned & dressed
  • Door & boot jambs cleaned
  • Full cut and polish
  • Shampoo seats, carpet, boot and mats