Fleet Car Wash

Jim’s mobile fleet wash solutions are proud to be amongst the most established mobile fleet wash companies in Sydney. We service a number of iconic Australian companies in Sydney and our franchisees currently cover all Sydney regions.

We’ve all seen thousands of vehicles on Sydney roads that belong to certain companies, haven’t we? Ever wondered how some of these fleets always look spectacular and all they can be throughout the whole year regardless of weather conditions?

How important is it to maintain such a strong branding impression in people’s minds and what would it take for you to incorporate this as part of your overall branding strategy for your company?

Let us help you like we help hundreds of other Sydney companies and businesses maintain a shiny attractive fleet at all times and we understand that your company might have very unique arrangements and

requirements and we are very accustomed to cater for this. Some of our current clientele have cars parked in one area while others have them spread all over Sydney. Some of them require regular services and some others require ad-hoc services. Regardless of what you need rest assured we can definitely help.

We service fleets 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year because we know that some fleets cannot stop and that they only have so much limited time to be serviced.

Call us today on 131546 and one of our franchisees will call you back within two hours and arrange a time to meet you to provide a free no obligation quote.