Cut and Polish Sydney

Cut and Polish Sydney

We all have to admit that there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the whole idea of a ‘Cut’ n ’polish’ service in the Sydney detailing market. It is not something mysterious that suddenly transforms your car paint. What you should kindly know though is that it’s in fact a simple procedure which if adhered to by the car detailer and/or the car wash centre will certainly deliver the expected result. In an attempt to clear all misconceptions out there in the market we have decided to bust some myths.

First Myth busted – NO, gaps caused by scratched cannot be “simply filled in”.

What rather happens is that the affected area undergoes an accurate buff which effectively flattens the surface down to the damaged level of the scratch. HOWEVER, if you can actually insert finger nail in that scratch, then most probably the scratch is too deep to be rectified.

Second Myth busted – NO, we do not touch the paint at all.

When any car is buffed with a cutting/polishing compound it is only the clear coat level that is getting affected which is the topmost seal coat that covers all levels of paintwork on your car. Jim’s Car Detailing franchisees do not perform any work on paint unless it was a specific paint correction service.

Third Myth busted – NO we will not leave any swirl on the car after a cut n polish service.

We are always requested to remove swirl marks caused by beginner detailers. Swirls only result from beginner methods when washing/polishing your car which tends to happen almost in every single cheap car wash station in Sydney.

  • Stage number 1 is “cut”: this stage is applied using a polisher machine, a cutting compound along with a cutting pad attached to it. Differed grades of compounds can be used depending on how bad are the scratches.
  • Stage number 2 is “polish”: this is also applied using a polisher machine and soft pad along with a polishing compound this time. It is then hand finished for a high shine result.

Can Jim’s Car Detailing franchisees remove all scratches?

No, we definitely cannot and neither can anyone else BUT what makes us unique is that we are seriously committed to is to provide the best cut n polish job your vehicle could ever possibly receive.

Call your local Jim’s Car Detailing franchisee today and obtain a free quote. We come to you anywhere in Sydney.

Our Cut & Polish Includes:

  • External car wash
  • Applying of clay bar to remove contamination leaving the paint smooth and particle free
  • Using a buffer (machine) to cut and apply polish