Bus Wash & Bus Detailing

Bus Wash & Bus Detailing Sydney

Why not start by asking yourself a fair dinkum question? How many bus wash centres are you aware of in NSW or how many have you seen? When you do eventually find them, how easy would it be to drive your bus there and what would your opportunity cost be for doing that? Save yourself the effort and let us do it for you at your own comfort while you get on with life.

Do you ask yourself how important is your business’s image to you and your clients? Have you ever thought of how many people travel each day in Sydney and see your company buses on the road? A big shiny sparkling bus will definitely attract attention amongst heavy lanes of traffic, wouldn’t you think so? Let Jim’s Bus Wash & Detailing help you with mobile, fully insured, flexible and budget oriented fleet wash & detailing solutions.

Jim’s Bus Wash and Detailing has the capacity to help keep your buses clean at all times. There are numerous reasons why your buses must remain as perfect as they can be continuously:

  1. Ensuring journeys are pleasant for your commuters.
  2. Eradicating latent health hazards.
  3. Decreasing corrosion.
  4. Machinery life longevity.
  5. Making sure the buses are smelling fresh and clean.

Having said all of the above, hiring/contracting an experienced detailer that can actually deliver all of the above is not easy to find. This is where Jim’s Bus Wash & Detailing franchisees come. They are specifically trained to clean buses at high quality standards while maintaining competitive prices in the industry as well.

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